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Enter your address details (eg. 1 Grace Street, Albert Park, SA 5014) then click "Search" to find the 5 Kaszazz consultants closest to you (as the bird flies - closest listed first).

All Kaszazz consultants will be happy to hear from you and look forward to receiving your product order, or bookings to attend any of their upcoming events.

If any pointers are missing from this map it is because their location is very close to another pointer.

If you work or spend more time in a different suburb to your home address, simply enter that suburb into the fast find system to find a local consultant.

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If any consultant location pointers are missing it is most likely because these consultants have asked to be shown at the centre of their suburb, town or city.

Even if your closest consultant is a considerable distance from you, most Kaszazz consultants provide great service over the phone. Alternatively, you may wish to become a Kaszazz consultant yourself – a wonderful opportunity awaits! Please ask any of the consultants listed for more information, or contact Kaszazz by phone (FREE call 1800 649 191) or email (

Please FREE call Kaszazz on 1800 649 191 if you experience any difficulty in contacting a Kaszazz consultant.