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FREE $60 Stamps Voucher!
...sent to you in your order for every $60 spent on Kaszazz stamps!

FREE $60 Stamps Vouchers can be used to purchase any stamps in the Kaszazz range as of 1/12/17. They cannot be used to purchase stamps added to range after 1/12/17.

FREE $60 Stamps Vouchers can only be redeemed with a Kaszazz consultant and will expire on Saturday March 31 2018.

The value of any Kaszazz vouchers redeemed (whether purchased or promotional) does not count towards this promotion. Also, any amount spent in order to qualify to redeem a Kaszazz promotional voucher (the spend requirement) does not count.

Discounted stamp bundles and business stamps do not count towards the spend requirement and also cannot be redeemed with the stamp voucher.

Don't delay! You must submit your order to your Kaszazz consultant by 5pm (SA time) Monday January 1 2018 - please note orders placed using the customer direct online ordering system do not qualify! Promotion generated 1pm (SA time) 1/12/17.

Contact your friendly Kaszazz consultant today to place your order.
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