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Annual Subscription Reminder

Last year we announced some exciting changes.

One of these changes was “An annual subscription fee of $49 now applies. It will be added to the amount due for the first order you place after your “Kaszazzaversary” (the anniversary of the date you joined Kaszazz). (see CGM07). But the first year of Kaszazz Recreated is FREE for all existing consultants!

The first FREE year has now finished and you will notice an amount due with your next order (if you joined Kaszazz prior to 1/9/20). This pro rata amount is the charge for your annual subscription between 1/9/21 and your next Kaszazzaversary.

You’ll then be charged (with your next order using the consultant online ordering system) the full $49 in the month of your next Kaszazzaversary (annually).

Published: 22 September 2021

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