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Choose a FREE Stamp (from our list)

...for each lot of $30 spent on stamps!

Event date: 16/08/2016 - 28/08/2016 Export event

Choose a FREE Stamp (from our list)

Choose a FREE Stamp!

For each lot of $30 spent on stamps (any stamps in the Kaszazz range), choose a FREE Stamp from the list below! So, if you spend $60 on stamps you can choose 2 FREE Stamps, and so on!


4942M Alice Un-Cut Set (9) (RRP $22.95)

4634Q Australian Animals Un-Cut Set (6) (RRP $28.95)

4848M Balloons Un-Cut Set (3) (RRP $22.95)

4757Q Coastal Un-Cut Set (6) (RRP $28.95)

4869Q Decorative Background (RRP $28.95)

4786M Dream Catcher Un-Cut Set (10) (RRP $22.95)

4686M Esprit Verveine Un-Cut Set (4) (RRP $22.95)

4772M Family Tree Un-Cut Set (3) (RRP $22.95)

4867M Floral Swag Un-Cut Set (6) (RRP $22.95)

4629M Flutterby Large (RRP $22.95)

4855Q Gift Tags - Christmas Cheer Un-Cut Set (9) (RRP $28.95)

4910Q Gift Tags - Getaway Un-Cut Set (10) (RRP $28.95)

4913M Mandala Centres Un-Cut Set (4) (RRP $22.95)

4884Q Mum Un-Cut Set (6) (RRP $28.95)

4756Q River Bank Un-Cut Set (6) (RRP $28.95)

4835M Watercolour Wreath Un-Cut Set (3) (RRP $22.95)

4787Q Wood Grain Background (RRP $28.95)

4751M Word Montage - Fellas (RRP $22.95)

4927M Word Montage - Happiness (RRP $22.95)

4844M Word Montage - YOU Inspirations (RRP $22.95)


Don't delay! You must submit your order to your Kaszazz consultant by 5pm (SA time) Sunday August 28 2016 - please note orders placed using the customer direct online ordering system do not qualify! (Promotion generated 16/8/16)

No vouchers! As with all specials and promotions, Kaszazz vouchers cannot be used to qualify (including any "spend" requirement on any voucher being redeemed).

Consultants Info

5pm/6am (SA time): 

This promotion is a "Specific Date Promotion" - please see CGM 02 Consultant, Host and Customer Promotions for details. 
To help encourage your customers to contact you well before the end of the limited time offer, we will advise all Kaszazz Creative Club (KCC) members that they must submit their order to their Kaszazz consultant before 5pm (SA time) on the last day of the promotion.
The Online Ordering System however, will allow you (the consultant) to process your orders right through until 6am (SA time) the morning after the promotion end date.
It will be good business for you to accept an order after 5pm, however please take each opportunity to remind your customer that they were advised to contact you during business hours. It is then at your discretion whether or not to accept an order during the middle of the night.

How to claim the FREEbies:

When placing your order with the Online Ordering System, you can claim the FREEbies each of your customers/hosts are entitled to at the "Select FREEbies" stage. You must select each person you are choosing FREEbies for, and you must choose the correct promotion month!
Then, click the drop down arrows for the "Qty." boxes for each stamp chosen.


Please note, the $30 spend requirement excludes Kaszazz consultant business stamps purchased on the Administrative Items list.

Published: 16 August 2016

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