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Choose a FREE stamp from our list... for each lot of $25 in your order!

June 2018

Event date: 1/06/2018 - 1/07/2018 Export event

Choose a FREE stamp from our list... for each lot of $25 in your order!

FREE Stamps!

Choose a FREE stamp from our list... for each lot of $25 in your order! 

So, if you spend $50 you can choose 2 FREE stamps from the list below, and so on. 

Spend amount includes everything on range including all Ranger products!
Please note, the spend amount excludes any LIMITED TIME Stamp Special Bundles available during the promotion (including KSKMAY18S and KSKMAR18S Stamp Special Bundles).

  • 4809J Antique Circles Un-Cut Set (4) $16.95  
  • 4897H Around The World $15.95  
  • 4920F Art of Living $12.95  
  • 4641F Australian Flag $12.95  
  • 4964G Be Awesome $13.95  
  • 4539I Bicycle and Basket $14.95  
  • 825LI Bi-Plane Large $14.95  
  • 772LJ Blossoms $16.95  
  • 4798J Boho Elephant $16.95  
  • 4611F Boys to Men $12.95  
  • 812LF Car Small $12.95  
  • 321LH Christmas Joy $15.95  
  • 320LD Christmas Script Small $10.95  
  • 4584C Christmas Sentiment $9.95  
  • 1533LI Classic $14.95  
  • 4806F Dragonflies and Stars $12.95  
  • 4807F Dreams and Stars $12.95  
  • 4833D Each Other $10.95  
  • 847LH Footprints $15.95  
  • 4524F French Flair $12.95  
  • 4607C Handmade By $9.95  
  • 4922D Happy Days $10.95  
  • 4903D Happy Snaps $10.95  
  • 253LH Hearts and Thoughts $15.95  
  • 4866J It's Fun $16.95  
  • 4815J Leaf Stem Un-Cut Set (3) $16.95  
  • 4426KJ Leafy Flourish $16.95  
  • 4899E Look Out World $12.50  
  • 4836E L-O-V-E $12.50  
  • 4416KR Love Birds Border $14.95  
  • 4832D Magic Love $10.95  
  • 4831D Memory To Treasure $10.95  
  • 4233KE Merry Christmas Bold $12.50  
  • 4509E Moments We Share $12.50  
  • 4865I My Favourite $14.95  
  • 4837J Painted Love $16.95  
  • 4908D Places $10.95  
  • 4886G Remembrance Day $13.95  
  • 4494J Retro Car $16.95  
  • 1305LF Rose Stem Small $12.95  
  • 1534LJ Schooner $16.95  
  • 4894G Shoot For The Moon $13.95  
  • 869LC Snowflake Corner $9.95  
  • 4586J Snowflake Un-Cut Set (3) $16.95  
  • 4535C Special Someone $9.95  
  • 4949D Spring Birds Un-Cut Set (2) $10.95  
  • 4961G Spring Love $13.95  
  • 4909H Street Signs Un-Cut Set (4) $15.95  
  • 4863I The World Awaits $14.95  
  • 4953G Together $13.95  
  • 1535LJ Train $16.95  
  • 4810I Treasured Memories $14.95  
  • 4731G Tricycle $13.95  
  • 1150LE Vertical Happy Birthday $12.50  
  • 1242LE Vertical Merry Christmas $12.50  
  • 4941R Village Border $14.95  
  • 4732G Vintage Baby Carriage $13.95  
  • 4407KD Vintage Clock Small $10.95  
  • 4593I Vintage Globe $14.95  
  • 4612I Vintage Motor Bike $14.95  
  • 4933I We Wish You… $14.95  
  • 4932J Wonderland Noel $16.95  
  • 4939R Wonderland Tree Border $14.95  
  • 4864I Young At Heart $14.95  


The value of any Kaszazz vouchers redeemed (whether purchased or promotional) does not count towards this promotion. Also, any amount spent in order to qualify to redeem a Kaszazz promotional voucher (the spend requirement) does not count.

Don't delay - you must submit your order to your Kaszazz consultant by Sunday July 1 2018 - online (midnight SA time) or in-person (5pm SA time). Promotion generated 1pm (SA time) 1/6/18.

You can now shop online with your Kaszazz consultant! 

If your consultant has registered for their own web store contact them today and ask them to share the link with you. You'll be able to choose your own FREEbies at the checkout stage!

Consultants Info

Consultant Web Stores 12 midnight (SA time): 

This promotion is a "Specific Date Promotion" - please see CGM 02 Consultant, Host and Customer Promotions for details. 

Consultant Web Stores make it easy for customers to identify which products contribute to each promotion when placing their order - these items will be clearly tagged with a “star” or “target” icon. They will be able to choose their own FREEbies at the checkout stage!

Specific date promotions will be available via Consultant Web Stores until 12 midnight (SA time) on the last day of the promotion.

Online Ordering System 5pm/6am (SA time): 

To help encourage your customers to contact you well before the end of the limited time offer, we will advise all Kaszazz Creative Club (KCC) members that they must submit their order to their Kaszazz consultant before 5pm (SA time) on the last day of the promotion.

The Online Ordering System however, will allow you (the consultant) to process your orders right through until 6am (SA time) the morning after the promotion end date. It will be good business for you to accept an order after 5pm, however please take each opportunity to remind your customer that they were advised to contact you during business hours. It is then at your discretion whether or not to accept an order during the middle of the night.

How to claim the FREEbies:

If you choose not to subscribe for a Web Store - that's ok!
You and your customers can still take advantage of this promotion using the consultant Online Ordering System.

When placing your order with the Online Ordering System, you can claim the FREEbies each of your customers/hosts are entitled to at the "Select FREEbies" stage. You must select each person you are choosing FREEbies for, and you must choose the correct promotion month! Then, click the drop down arrows for the "Qty." boxes.

Published: 1 June 2018