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December 2019 - January 2020 Customer Special

Choose a Chipboard Monogram Letter

Event date: 2/12/2019 - 3/02/2020 Export event

December 2019 - January 2020 Customer Special

For every $20 spent on *Kaszazz branded products you can choose a Chipboard Monogram Letter.  *Click here for a full list of Kaszazz branded products.


These monogram letters measure approximately 70 x 70mm and are great for customising your next craft project! These monogram letters will be added to the Kaszazz range in a future release.

To take advantage of this special contact your friendly Kaszazz consultant today.

If you'd like to shop online, ask your consultant if they have their own Web Store, alternatively click here to visit the Kaszazz Web Store.

The value of any Kaszazz vouchers redeemed (whether purchased or promotional) does not count towards this promotion. Also, any amount spent in order to qualify to redeem a Kaszazz promotional voucher (the spend requirement) does not count. The purchase of gift vouchers do not count towards this promotion. TTD orders are not eligible for this promotion.

Don't delay - you must submit your order to your Kaszazz consultant by Monday February 3 2020 - online (midnight SA time) or in-person (5pm SA time). Promotion began at 11am (SA time) 2/12/19.

If you don't know a Kaszazz consultant, click here to find one near you...FAST!

Published: 2 December 2019