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“Farewell 2015 Catalogue” value pack

Event date: 1/08/2016 - 31/08/2016 Export event

“Farewell 2015 Catalogue” value pack

During August, you can buy a $159.85 RRP “Farewell 2015 Catalogue” value pack (KSKFWP16) for just $59.85!

The pack includes 3 x September 2015 catalogues, 3 x January and 3 x May fliers. It also includes $30 RRP worth of "soon to be retired" SB Papers and $89.20 RRP worth of "soon to be retired" stamps.

Click here to see the exact contents of this special pack.

If we run out of any of the products listed in this pack we will substitute it for a product of equal or greater value.

Consultants Info

Please note that the value pack in this promotion is a Kaszazz Special Kit (KSK) and will be supplied in your order unpacked. However, a list will be included in your order detailing the products in each kit your customers are entitled to.

5pm/6am (SA time):

This promotion is a "Specific Date Promotion" - please see CGM 02 Consultant, Host and Customer Promotions for details.
To help encourage your customers to contact you well before the end of the limited time offer, we will advise all Kaszazz Creative Club (KCC) members that they must submit their order to their Kaszazz consultant before 5pm (SA time) on the last day of the promotion.
The Online Ordering System however, will allow you (the consultant) to process your orders right through until 6am (SA time) the morning after the promotion end date.
It will be good business for you to accept an order after 5pm, however please take each opportunity to remind your customer that they were advised to contact you during business hours. It is then at your discretion whether or not to accept an order during the middle of the night.

Value Specials:

Simply order the value special products with the Online Ordering System in the usual manner - use the code KSKFWP16 to purchase your “Farewell 2015 Catalogue” value pack.

The purchase of the KSKFWP16 “Farewell 2015 Catalogue” value pack will count towards your sales and will also count towards any customer promotions offered throughout August.

Published: 1 August 2016

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