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Host Promotions: January-June 2017

Event date: 1/01/2017 - 30/06/2017 Export event

Host Promotions: January-June 2017

These host promotions are available between and including January and June 2017

Super Star Host Promotion

Choose one of these FREEbies for every $700 in sales achieved at your event:

Hero Host Promotion

Choose one of these FREEbies for every $350 in sales achieved at your event:

Mix and Match, from either promotion! 

Remember, for each lot of $350 or $700 in sales at your event you can choose from either the Hero Host or Super Star Host promotion respectively, in any combination!
For example; if your event sales total is $1,050 you can choose 1 Super Star FREEbies and 1 of the Hero Host FREEbies, OR 3 Hero Host FREEbies... and so on!

Host Gift Credits!

These promotions are in addition to the Host Gift Credits bonus system, where hosts receive credits to spend on anything they like from the Kaszazz product range. 
Host Gifts Credits are calculated as follows: 

  • 10% of the Total RRP order value (provided this exceeds $150), eg. $30 credit from a $300 customer event.
  • An additional $10 for each customer event booking (must be held within 12 weeks) up to a maximum of 4 bookings!

Consultants Info

Monthly Promotion:
This promotion is a "Monthly Promotion" - monthly promotions can be chosen in orders submitted to Kaszazz until, and including, 2 Kaszazz business days after the month of the promotion. Please see CGM 02 Consultant, Host and Customer Promotions for details.

How to claim the FREEbies:
When placing your order with the Online Ordering System, you can claim the FREEbies each of your customers/hosts are entitled to at the "Select FREEbies" stage. You must select each person you are choosing FREEbies for, and you must choose the correct promotion month!
Then, click the drop down arrows for the "Qty." boxes.

Published: 7 December 2016