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Kaszazz Catalogue Voucher Pack

Event date: 21/04/2016 - 31/05/2016 Export event

Kaszazz Catalogue Voucher Pack

8364 Catalogue Voucher Pack $10
Contains 1 of each: 8848 Kaszazz Catalogue - September 2015, 8670 Kaszazz New Product Flier - January 2016, V20 Voucher - $20. Combined RRP $31.95!

Consultants Info

This email WILL NOT be sent to the Kaszazz Creative Club (KCC): 

you can decide who to share this offer with by sending this link http://www.kaszazz.com/eZine/KCC/8364-CatalogueVoucherPack.html or printing this poster image

If simply forwarding the email, be sure to personally address the message and delete the preamble before sending.

To help you build your Kaszazz business you can sell this 8364 Catalogue Voucher Pack for just $10 (combined RRP $31.95).

You must place your orders for 8364 Catalogue Voucher Packs by 6:00am (SA time) Wednesday June 1 2016.

This pack is intended to be offered to potential new customers only. Offer a potential new customer this pack for $10 and let them know they can browse the Kaszazz catalogue and January 2016 flier, then redeem their $20 voucher with you.

Please note that the 8364 Catalogue Voucher Pack is an Admin item and will therefore not count towards your sales. It costs consultants $10, the same amount you should sell it for. Given this pack is intended to be an investment in potential new customers (and yields no profit) we highly recommend that you do not offer this pack to your existing regular customers - doing so will hinder your regular sales.

As this pack is intended for new customers, we also recommend that you do not share this offer via social media. 

This offer should be shared via a "one-on-one" basis.We hope you find this 8364 Catalogue Voucher Pack to be a powerful business building tool.

Published: 22 April 2016