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Kaszazz Recreated

We’re excited to present some MAJOR changes to Kaszazz that we think you’ll love! These changes will come into effect from midday SA time Tuesday September 1 2020. If you'd like an order to count towards your September sales please wait until after 2pm SA time Tuesday September 1 2020 to place your order. 

Our entire Consultant Guideline Manual has been updated, and so has our Consultant’s Agreement with you. By placing an order after 2pm SA time Tuesday September 1 2020 you agree the existing Consultant’s Agreement is terminated and is entirely replaced by the new Consultant’s Agreement (8153v6) of which you become a party to.

Prefer to watch rather than read? The Kaszazz Recreated "Deep Dive" video below covers everything you need to know. 


Click here to view the index for the "Deep Dive" video.


We have created a series of promotional images for you to use on your social pages to tell your contacts about the exciting new changes happening at Kaszazz. Please share the ‘Kaszazz Recreated’ message far and wide! (see the gallery at the bottom of this article).

Here’s a quick glance summary of the most important changes:

  • No more minimum sales requirement. 
  • Free web stores for all consultants (see CGM02 and CGM09)
  • Brand new consultant reward plan - earn cash quickly - up to 38% commission on sales (See CGM05)
  • Much faster reward plan payments – usually within 2 business days after the end of the month
  • Earn up to 9% commission on each team members sales (See CGM05)
  • Generous consultant order credits – up to 20% of your order total (See CGM27)
  • New consultants can earn generous ‘Up and Away’ Rewards! (see CGM27)
  • Qualify for gifts on your Kaszazzaversary and your birthday (see CGM27)
  • Qualify for a pre-release bundle every second month (see CGM05)
  • Attend our annual conference and new catalogue launch

Change is exciting but we have also kept the great things consultants and customers tell us they love about Kaszazz!

  • Exclusive products – released bi-monthly
  • Kaszazz projects gallery – we will continue to support and expand the projects gallery
  • The Inspiration Station
  • Team training days – 3 times per year
  • Generous support for Kaszazz stands
  • And of course lots of promotions and freebies

Want to know more? Here is a list of additional things we've recreated. 

  • We’ll no longer insist that Kaszazz consultants are exclusively Kaszazz consultants – some consultants would prefer to be part of multiple direct selling companies – that’s ok provided you adhere to the new Consultant’s Agreement (8153v6) 
  • An annual subscription fee of $49 now applies. It will be added to the amount due for the first order you place after your “Kaszazzaversary” (the anniversary of the date you joined Kaszazz). (see CGM07). But the first year of Kaszazz Recreated is FREE for all existing consultants!
  • One joining fee - $49 for all new consultants – includes their first year’s annual subscription fee
  • You can change teams if you wish (see CGM14). This service does not start until October 1 2020 – applications to change teams will not be accepted until then. Please also note that under the terms of the new Consultant’s Agreement, all consultants have agreed not to invite other consultants to change teams.
  • We will no longer host consultant blogs - we recommend creating a Facebook page for your Kaszazz business (all existing hosted blogs will be removed on 1/9/21)
  • We will no longer offer super star or hero host freebies or host credit (replaced by consultant order credits - see CGM27)
  • We will no longer offer support for business building events. 
  • Downline commission is now paid on one level only (just your team members) (See CGM05)
  • The $10 host booking bonus will no longer be offered
  • Active breaks will no longer be offered
  • Restrictions lifted on where you can sell Kaszazz products
  • Business kits and demonstration kits will no longer be offered
  • The Consultant Training Program (CTP) has been discontinued

For all the details you can read our entire updated Consultant Guidelines Manual here.

We did talk to many consultants about these significant changes, and their comments and suggestions were of great help in arriving at Kaszazz Recreated. Those conversations were, of necessity, highly confidential, and remain confidential. Our sincere thanks to all consultants we talked to. There were many, many other consultants we would love to have included, but it simply was not possible to talk to them all.

This does not mean you cannot have your say now. As always, we love to receive feedback. If you have some positive views about Kaszazz Recreated, please share them with the world, and especially with the consultant Facebook group where we will read them. If you have some concerns about Kaszazz Recreated, please set them out in an email to enquiries@kaszazz.com – you can be certain they will be gratefully received, carefully considered and responded to.

Now is the perfect time to reconnect with customers and even retired consultants, make sure they know about all the exciting new things happening at Kaszazz. Remember to tell them about the new catalogue launch which is just around the corner (September 20) – the new catalogue features two brand new collections, Floral Splash and Writer’s Block and every other collection in the catalogue has had a new chipboard, stencil or stamp added!


You can post the tiles to your facebook as you would a normal photo.Create your own caption. The links to Kaszazz facebook and website should come up automatically when you type them in. Add hashtags to increase the chances of people discovering your post (This will also help direct people to your facebook pages).

Hashtags suggestions

You can use any hashtags you like. It's best to choose words that are most relevant to what you can do with Kaszazz - some ideas & examples are below:

  • #cardmaking
  • #cardmakingideas
  • #cardmakingsupplies
  • #scrapbooking
  • #scrapbookingsupplies
  • #crafty 
  • #craftaddict
  • #crafts
  • #crafting
  • #craftingismytherapy
  • #craftlover
  • #ilovecrafting
  • #diy
  • #diycraft 
  • #diycards
  • #diycardmaking
  • #beyourownboss
  • #beyourownboss2020

Published: 31 August 2020

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