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May 2019 Team Training Days (TTDs)

Everything You Need to Know!

May 2019 Team Training Days (TTDs)

May 2019 Team Training Days (TTDs)

Lots of inspirational Kaszazz leaders are running May 2019 Team Training Days (TTDs) right around the country. Most are being run on the weekend of the new product release; Saturday-Sunday May 18-19 2019.

See all the TTD dates and venues in the link at the end of this article.

May 2019 TTD - Full Project Set!

The May 2019 TTD will feature a coordinating project set! A project set consists of a Make and Take project and two 2H workshops (1 cardmaking and 1 scrapbooking). Consultants will be able to run a FREE Make and Take Demonstration after TTD and then book their attendees into a follow up 2H workshop.

Enough materials will be provided in your May 2019 “Create and Play” pack to create all three projects. Attending the May 2019 TTD will cost $60, which is amazing value!

New Products at May 2019 TTD

Attending a May 2019 TTD will keep your Kaszazz business fresh and exciting, and of course is a great chance to see and try the exciting new products!

Each TTD will cover or include:

  • Seeing our new stamps and SB Paper range (Stellar) at the new products showcase,
  • 2 hands-on 2H projects,
  • 1 MT project,
  • A generous Create and Play Pack, which will include almost everything needed to create the 2H and MT projects plus lots of left overs - carefully check the BYO tools list below!

The value of the Create and Play Pack alone is an amazing RRP $91.99! The cost to attend any TTD is just $60 - that’s excellent value!

Create and Play Packs - Attendees Only!

Create and Play Packs offer exceptional value for money, but are only for consultants who attend a TTD!

May 2019 New Products Flier

Note: Due to the flier being our biggest printed flier yet (a whopping 40 pages), the price has increased.

Kaszazz New Product Flier - May 2019 $1.95 (RRP $3.95)
Kaszazz New Product Flier - May 2019 (15) $26.30

If you wish to pre-order fliers, please contact your TTD Leader.

May 2019 TTD - Consultants Only

TTDs are for consultants only! We want you to be the first to see all the exciting new products and learn great techniques to then share with your customers.

We strongly suggest you attend TTD, and soon after run a Kaszazz supported New Products Event (NPE) with your customers to showcase the new products and techniques you have just learnt. See Consultant Guidelines Manual (CGM) 18 Business Building Events for full details.

If any of your customers are disappointed at not being able to attend TTD, encourage them to join Kaszazz so that they can!

May 2019 TTD - All Consultants Welcome

Please remember that TTD events are open to any Kaszazz consultant to attend. Consultants are not obligated to attend their upline’s TTD - they can attend any TTD of their choice. All TTD leaders will happily welcome anyone to share the creative fun of TTD!

TTD Social Media Blackout!

It is common practice for all TTD leaders and attendees to keep all TTD information confidential until 12 noon (SA time) on the Sunday of the TTD weekend to ensure the surprise factor is not ruined for those attending on the Sunday - this has become known as the Social Media Blackout.

We are also aware that some leaders like to run a New Products Event with their customers immediately after their TTD. Issues could arise where customers are not aware of the Social Media Blackout and place images online or even phone other consultants to place orders, but the consultant themself is yet to see the products. We have asked all TTD leaders to inform any customers viewing new products before 12 noon (SA time) on the Sunday about the Social Media Blackout.

All new products are available for viewing and ordering by 5pm on the Sunday of the TTD weekend. 

Thank you to everyone for continuing to respect this approach to help make TTD such a fun and exciting day!

4 Month Active Status Certificate of Achievement

You will receive an active status certificate of achievement (including $100 voucher) if you have achieved active status (including active breaks) in the 4 months prior to the TTD new product release month. See Consultant Guidelines Manual (CGM) 27 Consultant Rewards for full details.

If you qualify, and are attending a TTD, your leader will present your active status certificate of achievement (including $100 voucher) on the day. This means you can personalize your reward by selecting your favourite products from the brand new range (or anything else you would like)!

If for some reason you can’t attend the TTD that you booked into, you will need to arrange with your TTD leader to collect your certificate at a later date.

If you qualify and are unable to attend a TTD, Kaszazz will email your certificate (including $100 voucher) in the week following the TTD weekend.

Consistent Active Status Yearly Awards

Maintaining active status month after month is a worthy achievement, recognised and celebrated through our Consistent Active Status Awards! See Consultant Guidelines Manual (CGM) 27 Consultant Rewards for full details.

All trophies, certificates and vouchers will be presented at the upcoming TTD, to consultants who achieved the award in the 4 months prior to the new product release month.

If you are unable to attend a TTD, your reward will be sent to you with your next order dispatched after the TTD weekend.

May 2019 TTD - BYO Tools!

If you will be attending a May 2019 TTD, please bring along the following items in your tool kit (with your name on all items to avoid mix ups):

  • 3026 Pencil - Lead HB
  • 3028 Eraser
  • 1922 Ruler - Metal 30cm / 12 inches
  • 4654 Scissors - 4.8cm Blade
  • 1708 Super Tape - Double Sided Adhesive 50m x 6mm   
  • 1292 Magic Mount    
  • AIP31468 Archival Inkpad - Jet Black            
  • AIP30430 Archival Inkpad - Deep Purple  
  • IBT40965 Ink Blending Tool - Mini (2)          
  • 7163 Acrylic Block - 100x100mm   
  • 7164 Acrylic Block - 130x170mm  
  • 7156 Paint Brush - Artist Brush Set (7)    
  • 5965 Spectrum Aqua Markers - Primary 12pk  
  • NSC20677 Non-Stick Craft Sheet 15x18       
  • 4914 Tools - Bone Scorer          
  • 7167 Acrylic Block - Set (4)   
  • 5630  Paper Trimmer - Rotary Blade 12" 
  • 9127 A5 White Card - 1 sheet

BYO photos to do the SB Layout:

Photos Needed for layout: One landscape 7"x5" (to be trimmed slightly) and three 6"x4" landscape (to be trimmed slightly).
Theme: Will suit blues or purples, male and/or female.
Note: Photos can be attached later if you wish to wait.

Competition - “Show and Tell Challenge”

The “Show and Tell Challenge” involves creating a project to bring along to TTD. The challenge is that your TTD competition entry must use only current range Kaszazz products to create a project of your choice, but it must include at least one current range Chipboard (excluding Chipboard Words on page 186).

To ensure an even playing field:

  • TTD Leaders who wish to enter the competition may do so, but are not to use any May 2019 new products not yet released.
  • Only 1 competition entry per person (of course, you can show off all your other creations to your friends later).

Everyone attending the TTD will have the opportunity to vote for their favourite project on display. TTD leaders will collate the votes and announce 1st, 2nd and 3rd winners!

All winners will receive a “Choose from list” voucher, so they can pick their own prize! Each list will include 1 or more items from the new product release.

TTD RSVP Date - 28th April 2019  - Book NOW!

Please be aware that the time you will have to RSVP to attend a TTD is very short!

See all the TTD dates and venues in the links at the end of this article.

You must advise your TTD leader on or before midnight (SA time) Sunday April 28 2019 that you will be attending. This is to ensure the TTD leaders have their numbers and can place their TTD orders with Kaszazz in time.

Please help your TTD leaders by being prompt and booking your place and making your payment with them well before Sunday April 28 2019 as “late fees” may apply.

Remember, the cost to attend each TTD is just $60 - all payments to be made to your TTD leader. If the payment details are not shown, your TTD leader will advise you how to pay when you make your booking.

As TTD leaders make a significant investment in running TTDs, we strongly encourage all TTD leaders to accept cash (or direct deposit) payments only and to pass on any “late fees” to any attendees who book late.

Bookings are essential - book early, as places are limited!

Support for New Product Events (NPEs)

Decide the program, and the name, of your very own Kaszazz supported Business Building Event (BBE) to celebrate the new product release with your customers!

A “New Product Event” is just the name we use for the event when talking to consultants. Because you get to design the program, you need to come up with a suitable name. But, we do ask that the name begins with “New Product”. So, you might choose to run a “New Product Showcase” or a “New Product Card Buffet” or a “New Product Launch” or a “New Product Make and Take” etc.

Read all about running a New Product Event in Consultant Guidelines Manual (CGM) 18 Business Building Events, then start planning to take advantage of the generous Kaszazz support by running one or more NPEs in the 23 days following the May 2019 TTD.

NPEs are a great way to introduce your customers to our May 2019 new products - NPEs must be held within 23 days of the TTD.

When setting the cost of your NPE please note that the recommended customer attendance fees will be:

  • $30 for the cardmaking workshop, and
  • $30 for the scrapbooking workshop

As detailed in CGM 18, if you will be charging customers to attend your NPE you need to decide the price. As a minimum this should be the recommended price of any 2H workshops your customers will be making plus any additional amount for lunch (if provided) and a contribution to the venue cost. If you are offering the choice between two differently priced workshops at your event, we suggest that you make the cost to attend the more expensive option and then use the additional notes section of the bookings form to offer the cheaper alternate.

If you are Consultant Training Program (CTP) certified, please consider running one or more Kaszazz supported New Product Events (NPEs).

If you are not yet CTP certified, you still have plenty of time to become CTP certified and organise a NPE. Ask your upline, or FREE call Kaszazz 1800 649 191.

Please note that you can run a NPE even if you were unable to attend a May 2019 TTD!

If you are running a NPE on the Saturday of the TTD weekend, please remember to explain to your customers about our Social Media Blackout so as not to ruin the surprise for those attending an event on Sunday!

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Published: 10 April 2019

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