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November Customer Special

Die and Stamp bundle

Event date: 1/11/2018 - 30/11/2018 Export event

November Customer Special

Receive a HUGE $247.10 RRP Die and Stamp bundle when you buy an Ezy-Press in November 2018.

The $247.10 RRP Die and Stamp bundle includes:

  • 6074J Annie with Ducklings
  • 6075J Annie with Flowers
  • 5716 Die - Standard Paper - Annie with Ducklings
  • 5717 Die - Standard Paper - Annie with Flowers
  • 5748 Die - Standard Paper - Family Tree
  • 7253 Die - Standard Paper - Fancy Numbers
  • 5719 Die - Standard Paper - Little Bear Looking
  • 5720 Die - Standard Paper - Little Bear Sitting
  • 5722 Die - Standard Paper - Make a Wish
  • 5724 Die - Standard Paper - Swept Away
  • 5752 Die - Standard Paper - Tyler
  • 5657 Die - Thick Paper - Tags (8)
  • 4772M Family Tree Un-Cut Set (3)
  • 6078G Little Bear - Looking
  • 6079G Little Bear - Sitting
  • 6086J Make a Wish
  • 6089I Swept Away
  • 6138J Tyler

To take advantage of this special contact your friendly Kaszazz consultant today.

If you'd like to shop online, ask your consultant if they have their own Web Store, alternatively click here to visit the Kaszazz Web Store.

If we run out of our allocated EzyPress' this promotion may be pulled early. If this happens you will be advised via email.

The value of any Kaszazz vouchers redeemed (whether purchased or promotional) does not count towards this promotion. Also, any amount spent in order to qualify to redeem a Kaszazz promotional voucher (the spend requirement) does not count.

Don't delay - you must submit your order to your Kaszazz consultant by Sunday December 2 2018 - online (midnight SA time) or in-person (5pm SA time). Promotion began at 5pm (SA time) 1/11/18.

If you don't know a Kaszazz consultant, click here to find one near you...FAST!

Consultants Info

Web Stores - Customer Orders 12 midnight (SA time): 

This promotion is a "Specific Date Promotion" - please see CGM 02 Consultant, Host and Customer Promotions for details. 

Web Stores make it easy for customers to identify which products contribute to each promotion when placing their order - these items will be clearly tagged with a “star” or “target” icon. They will be able to confirm their FREEbies at the checkout stage!

Specific date promotions will be available via Consultant Web Stores until 12 midnight (SA time) on the last day of the promotion.

Consultant Online Ordering System 5pm/6am (SA time): 

To help encourage your customers to place their order with you well before the end of the limited time offer, please advise them that they must contact you before 5pm (SA time) on the last day of the promotion.

The Consultant Online Ordering System however, will allow you (the consultant) to process your orders right through until 6am (SA time) the morning after the promotion end date. It will be good business for you to accept an order after 5pm, however please take each opportunity to remind your customer that they were advised to contact you during business hours. It is then at your discretion whether or not to accept an order during the middle of the night.

Buy something get something FREE:

For "Buy item x, get item y FREE" promotions you will only ever need to order with the code for "item x" - Kaszazz will take care of the rest and automatically include the bonus product(s) in your order!

Published: 1 November 2018

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