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Open letter from Kaszazz CEO

Unfortunately, despite our very best efforts and significant investment, Kaszazz has not been able to find a way to help enough of our consultants find new customers and recruit new consultants. Our sales have been declining for many years, and have now reached a point where it is not possible to continue as a direct seller.

It is with a great deal of sadness that I must announce, and we hereby give formal notice under the Consultant’s Agreement, that we will be terminating our Consultant’s Agreement with you and all our consultants at midday (SA time) on Friday April 1, 2022. Commissions for the month of March 2022 will be calculated as normal and paid early in April.

All consultant webstores will be taken off-line at midday (SA time) on Friday April 1, 2022.

On behalf of Karen, Michael, and our exceptional team in the office and warehouse, thank you so much for the important part you have played in the Kaszazz story. For us the most valuable part of our Kaszazz journey is the many friends we have made amongst our consultant community. We are extremely grateful, and thank all our consultants, current and past, for making this amazing journey possible.

Kaszazz Future


The Kaszazz webstore will continue to run, but the only new products to be added in the future will be unique designs of high quality chipboards, stencils, and acrylic embellishments and signs, all at permanently great-value prices. Remaining stock of other products will be available on the Kaszazz webstore at current prices “while stocks last”. Kaszazz webstore prices on “while stocks last” items will not be reduced until at least Monday May 2 2022 – after those who were Kaszazz consultants at the end of March 2022 have the opportunity to order at a bonus deep discount. Details follow in the section below titled “Stock Clearance Bargains”.

All those who were consultants at the end of March will have the opportunity to open a wholesale account with Kaszazz from Monday April 4 2022. Subject to meeting a minimum order value requirement, this will allow them to order on-going products, and remaining clearance stock, at discounts to current prices. A custom design service will also be available. Register your interest in opening a wholesale account by sending an email to enquiries@kaszazz.com

If our Kaszazz webstore sales do grow, there is the possibility of adding additional ranges at great-value prices.

Voucher Redemption

Your consultant login and consultant online ordering system will remain active until midday (SA time) on Wednesday August 31 2022 to ensure you can redeem any outstanding vouchers. This date allows the opportunity for all outstanding vouchers to be redeemed before they expire.

You are welcome to place orders (with or without vouchers) during this time, but please note there will be no commission of any kind paid (or retained) on orders received through the consultant online ordering system from 12 noon (SA time) on Friday April 1, 2022.

Alternatively, you can refer any customers who wish to redeem vouchers directly to Kaszazz.

Annual Subs and Joining Fees

In September 2021 we began to charge Kaszazz consultants a $49 annual subscription fee. Consultants who have placed an order since then will have had the annual subscription fee (or a pro-rata proportion of it to cover the months from September 2021 to the month of their Kaszazzaversary) added to their first order placed after September 1 2021.

We have credited (to your Kaszazz account on the consultant online ordering system) the amount of annual subscription (or joining fee) you have paid (if any) to cover the months from April 2022 to the date of your Kaszazzaversary. This credit (along with any other credit you may have in your account with us) will be subtracted from the payment due for any order you place using your consultant’s online ordering system prior to August 31 2022.

Note that ONLY consultants who placed an order after September 2021 paid their annual subs (or pro-rata annual subs). Consultants who did not place an order after September 2021 and who place an order using the consultant on-line ordering system will have their outstanding annual subs to cover the 7 months September 2021 to March 2022 (213/365 x $49 = $28.59) added to their order (minus or plus any other outstanding credit or debit).

Any credit remaining in your account after August 31 2022 will be refunded to your bank account before September 30 2022. The reference will be “KzCreditRefund”.

Kaszazz Consultant’s Memorial Celebration – Adelaide SA

You are cordially invited to attend this opportunity to reminisce, commiserate and celebrate your Kaszazz experience with us, our staff, and other consultants, and perhaps also nab some amazing bargains!

The celebration will be held at the Kaszazz warehouse on Sunday May 1 2022. Refreshments (beer, wine and soft drinks) and a light finger-food lunch will be available from midday and the warehouse will be open for bargain hunting from 1pm through to 4pm.

There will be plenty of exciting products, including supplier samples and seconds that were not, and never will be, available on-line.

You’re welcome to bring friends and family but bookings are essential (COVID restrictions may apply – first in best dressed). RSVP to enquiries@kaszazz.com by 5pm (SA time) on Monday April 4 2022.

Stock Clearance Bargains

Please be sure to let your customers know that with the end of direct selling at the end of March, and our focus beyond that only on chipboards, stencils and acrylic embellishments and signs, if there are any items in our range they would like to be sure of owning, NOW is the time to order them.

However, we will still have lots of exciting stock beyond March, and we would like to offer it first to our ex-consultants.

From April 1 to April 27 2022, consultants who finished with a sales balance of 6,000 or higher (see CGM05), will be given the opportunity to order using their consultant online ordering system at a bonus extra deep discount. If this will be you, keep an eye out for an email on April 1 with full details.

From April 19 to April 27, the bonus extra deep discount will become available to everyone who was a consultant at the end of March 2022. We will send an email with full details on April 19.

After our Consultant’s Memorial Celebration on May 1st

Any clearance stock (everything other than chipboards, stencils and acrylic embellishments and signs) remaining after our memorial celebration will revert to clearance prices that will, for a period of at least 8 weeks, be higher than the bonus extra deep discount available in the special running from April 1 to April 27.

Consultant Resources on Kaszazz Website

The resources currently available to consultants on the Kaszazz website will be available at least until the end of April 2022. They will then gradually be removed, including all the projects in the inspiration station and 3CE projects gallery.

Consultant’s Facebook Group

The “Kaszazz Consultants” Facebook group will have its name changed to “Kaszazz Community” on Friday April 1 2022. Membership will become open to anyone interested in Kaszazz, and will be the best place to share projects using Kaszazz products, ideas and inspiration. Member rules will be updated, including the requirement that posted projects need to include at least one Kaszazz product.

Likely Questions

You may have some questions regarding these very significant changes to Kaszazz. We’ve done our best to anticipate, and answer, some of them. Please see below “Kaszazz April 1 2022 – Questions and Answers”. If you have any other questions or comments, please email enquiries@kaszazz.com

Once again, thank you so much for sharing the Kaszazz direct selling journey with us. We do hope you will enjoy the developing range of best value chipboards, stencils, and acrylic embellishments and signs, available from the Kaszazz webstore in the future. We wish you all the best in your future creative endeavours.

Yours sincerely,

Peter Stock

CEO Kaszazz Pty. Ltd.

Kaszazz April 1 2022 – Questions and Answers


1. Can I still run Kaszazz workshops with my existing customers?

Yes, but as the range available from Kaszazz reduces, you will need to source products from elsewhere. You are welcome to share workshop projects in the “Kaszazz Community” Facebook group, but these must use at least one Kaszazz product.

2. Can I still use Kaszazz Projects?

Yes, and the project sheets will be available on the Kaszazz website for you to download until April 30 2022.

3. Can I still use the Kaszazz name to promote my workshops?


4. What date will my webstore be turned off?

Friday April 1 2022

5. What date will I receive my last commission payment (for the month of March 2022)?

Early in April 2022

Published: 15 February 2022