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Precision Press - Back in stock NOW!

Order by 8/6/17 and choose a gift!

Event date: 26/05/2017 - 8/06/2017 Export event

Update 29/5/17:

The new Precision Press shipment arrived much sooner than expected! As a special bonus, you'll still receive a special bonus for each Precision Press that you order before 6am SA time on Friday June 9 2017 (see below).

We will not add the normal 663007 code to the online ordering system until after Thursday June 8 2017. This will prevent anyone accidently using this code and missing out on a gift!

Original article published 26/5/17

A new shipment of the popular Precision Press is on its way!

We expect to receive the shipment by Friday June 9 2017. Customers can pre-order before 5pm SA time on Thursday June 8 2017 and choose a gift below!

Consultants will have until 6am SA time on Friday June 9 2017 to place orders for these gift packs.

Please read the Kaszazz Pre-Orders article as a reminder how our pre-ordering system works. If you accept pre-orders from customers and plan to wait to receive their pre-ordered Precision Press' in your next order - please ensure you make it clear to your customers when they should expect to receive their Precision Press from you.

KSKPPGP1 Precision Press - Gift Pack 1 – Sunrise ($59.95)


KSKPPGP2 Precision Press - Gift Pack 2 - Winter Wonderland ($59.95)


KSKPPGP3 Precision Press - Gift Pack 3 - SB Paper (15) ($59.95)
Please note: the 15 papers supplied will be randomly chosen by Kaszazz. However If you purchase multiples of this pack at the same time the packs will likely all contain the same papers.


KSKPPGP4 Precision Press - Gift Pack 4 - MBM Summer ($59.95)


KSKPPGP5 Precision Press - Gift Pack 5 - MBM Autumn ($59.95)


KSKPPGP6 Precision Press - Gift Pack 6 - KCAC Pad ($59.95)


Promotional (non-purchased) vouchers cannot be used - FREE Kaszazz vouchers cannot be redeemed on any special limited time offers (including any "spend" requirements).
Purchased vouchers can be redeemed on all Kaszazz products, including these pre-order gift packs!

Consultants Info

5pm/6am (SA time):

This promotion is a "Specific Date Promotion" - please see CGM 02 Consultant, Host and Customer Promotions for details.
To help encourage your customers to contact you well before the end of the limited time offer, we will advise all Kaszazz Creative Club (KCC) members that they must submit their order to their Kaszazz consultant before 5pm (SA time) on the last day of the promotion.
The Online Ordering System however, will allow you (the consultant) to process your orders right through until 6am (SA time) the morning after the promotion end date.
It will be good business for you to accept an order after 5pm, however please take each opportunity to remind your customer that they were advised to contact you during business hours. It is then at your discretion whether or not to accept an order during the middle of the night.

Published: 24 May 2017