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Ranger Stock Outage

The number of back orders from Ranger has recently increased which has made it very challenging for us to maintain stock availability on all our Ranger lines. Whilst we will continue to do our best to ensure all Ranger products are available, from now on, when a Ranger item runs out (usually due to a supplier back order) we will temporarily remove it from our range and maintain this list. We appreciate your patience and understanding.


Due to the COVID-19 pandemic it is currently not viable to receive air shipments. Therefore our Ranger shipments will come via sea freight. Ranger (based in the USA) is running a skeleton staff which is causing further delays. Although we’ve now run out of a lot of Ranger lines – there is lots of stock on the way! We expect the next shipment to arrive in October.


We’ve had reports that most of our recent Ranger shipments (in transit) have been only half filled. In most cases now we're seeing the majority of lines back ordered by Ranger. Ranger has reported the reasons for supply issues are:

  • High demand
  • Production effected by new safety protocols
  • Delays on the delivery of raw materials

Ranger are working through these issues but don’t expect to see much improvement in fill rates until at least the first quarter of next year. Therefore you can expect the situation to continue to worsen right through until the end of 2021.

We’ll continue to do everything in our power (place regular large orders with Ranger) so that we can be fully stocked as soon as practically possible.

Whenever we run out of a Ranger item we’ll take it offline and update this list.

We appreciate your patience and understanding and we are very sorry for the inconvenience caused.


  • INK58939 Archival Ink Cleaner
  • AID41399 Archival Inkpad - Carnation Red
  • AIP31444 Archival Inkpad - Cobalt
  • AID41436 Archival Inkpad - Leaf Green
  • AIP31475 Archival Inkpad - Library Green
  • AIP52494 Archival Inkpad - Majestic Violet
  • AID38979 Archival Inkpad - Potting Soil
  • AIP30591 Archival Inkpad - Chrome Yellow
  • AIP31505 Archival Inkpad - Sepia
  • AID45663 Archival Inkpad - Tea Rose
  • AIP52524 Archival Inkpad - Vibrant Fuchsia
  • AIP52531 Archival Inkpad - Vivid Chartreuse
  • ARD41450 Archival Ink Refill - Carnation Red
  • ARR30768 Archival Ink Refill - Cobalt
  • ARR30805 Archival Ink Refill - Library Green
  • ARR52654 Archival Ink Refill - Paradise Teal
  • ARD39037 Archival Ink Refill - Potting Soil
  • ARR30850 Archival Ink Refill - Sepia
  • ARR52661 Archival Ink Refill - Shadow Grey
  • ARD49036 Archival Ink Refill - Sunflower
  • ARD45915 Archival Ink Refill - Tea Rose
  • ARR52685 Archival Ink Refill - Vivid Chartreuse
  • ARD39068 Archival Ink Refill - Watering Can
  • TDA73031 Distress Collage Medium Matte
  • TDE70948 Distress Embossing Glaze - Antique Linen
  • TDE70993 Distress Embossing Glaze - Hickory Smoke
  • TDE73857 Distress Embossing Glaze - Kitsch Flamingo
  • TDE73871 Distress Embossing Glaze - Salvaged Patina
  • TDE73819 Distress Embossing Glaze - Speckled Egg
  • TDE71037 Distress Embossing Glaze - Vintage Photo
  • TDO55778 Distress Oxide Inkpad - Abandoned Coral
  • TDO55808 Distress Oxide Inkpad - Barn Door
  • TDO55815 Distress Oxide Inkpad - Black Soot
  • TDO55860 Distress Oxide Inkpad - Candied Apple
  • TDO55983 Distress Oxide Inkpad - Fossilized Amber
  • TDO56010 Distress Oxide Inkpad - Ground Espresso
  • TDO72614 Distress Oxide Inkpad - Kitsch Flamingo
  • TDO56041 Distress Oxide Inkpad - Lucky Clover
  • TDO56065 Distress Oxide Inkpad - Milled Lavender
  • TDO56072 Distress Oxide Inkpad - Mowed Lawn
  • TDO56089 Distress Oxide Inkpad - Mustard Seed
  • TDO56102 Distress Oxide Inkpad - Peacock Feathers
  • TDO56126 Distress Oxide Inkpad - Picked Raspberry
  • TDO56164 Distress Oxide Inkpad - Rusty Hinge
  • TDO56171 Distress Oxide Inkpad - Salty Ocean
  • TDR57314 Distress Oxide Ink Refill - Shaded Lilac
  • TDO56256 Distress Oxide Inkpad - Stormy Sky
  • TDO56270 Distress Oxide Inkpad - Tea Dye
  • TDO56287 Distress Oxide Inkpad - Tumbled Glass
  • TDO56348 Distress Oxide Inkpad - Wild Honey
  • TDO56355 Distress Oxide Inkpad - Wilted Violet
  • TDR56874 Distress Oxide Ink Refill - Abandoned Coral
  • TDR56898 Distress Oxide Ink Refill - Antique Linen
  • TDR56911 Distress Oxide Ink Refill - Black Soot
  • TDR56928 Distress Oxide Ink Refill - Blueprint Sketch
  • TDR56959 Distress Oxide Ink Refill - Bundled Sage
  • TDR56966 Distress Oxide Ink Refill - Candied Apple
  • TDR56973 Distress Oxide Ink Refill - Carved Pumpkin
  • TDR57024 Distress Oxide Ink Refill - Dusty Concord
  • TDR57116 Distress Oxide Ink Refill - Ground Espresso
  • TDR57123 Distress Oxide Ink Refill - Hickory Smoke
  • TDR72621 Distress Oxide Ink Refill - Kitsch Flamingo
  • TDR57154 Distress Oxide Ink Refill - Mermaid Lagoon
  • TDR57178 Distress Oxide Ink Refill - Mowed Lawn
  • TDR57208 Distress Oxide Ink Refill - Peacock Feathers
  • TDR57222 Distress Oxide Ink Refill - Picked Raspberry
  • TDR57338 Distress Oxide Ink Refill - Spun Sugar
  • TDR57345 Distress Oxide Ink Refill - Squeezed Lemonade
  • TDR57376 Distress Oxide Ink Refill - Tea Dye
  • TDR57383 Distress Oxide Ink Refill - Tumbled Glass
  • TDR57406 Distress Oxide Ink Refill - Victorian Velvet
  • TDR57444 Distress Oxide Ink Refill - Wild Honey
  • TDF52937 Distress Paint - Flip Top - Black Soot
  • TDF53170 Distress Paint - Flip Top - Picket Fence
  • TDF52913 Distress Paint - Flip Top - Metallic - Antiqued Bronze
  • TDF52968 Distress Paint - Flip Top - Metallic - Brushed Pewter
  • TDF50643 Distress Paint - Flip Top - Metallic - Tarnished Brass
  • EPJ36678 Embossing Powder - White
  • 4208 Glossy Accents
  • IBT40972 Ink Blending Tool - Mini Replacement Foams
  • RPI43126 Pigment Ink Refill - Black Tie
  • RPI43140 Pigment Ink Refill - Glacier White
  • SGG01911 Stickles Glitter Glue - Silver
  • SGG20622 Stickles Glitter Glue - Star Dust
  • INK44444 Texture Paste
  • INK35770 Tools - Pipette

Published: 23 August 2021

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