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Rotary Blade Trimmer - IN STOCK!

First Published 31/3/2017 - Updated 4/5/2017

Event date: 31/03/2017 2:00 PM - 8/05/2017 9:00 AM (SA Time) Export event

Great news!

We’ve received our shipment of the Rotary Blade Trimmer products earlier than expected!

They are in store and can be ordered now using the codes 5630, 5647 and 5648 (see the article below).

If you pre-ordered one or more of these products, they’ll be sent in your very next order received at Kaszazz after 12 noon (SA time) Thursday May 4 2017.


In the article below we promised that all pre-ordered Trimmers up until 9am (SA time) Monday May 8 2017 would receive a BONUS C-sized stamp (chosen at random by Kaszazz - RRP $9.95) with their order. Even though our shipment has arrived early, as a special bonus, all Trimmers ordered until that time will still receive the bonus stamp!


Article below first published 31/3/2017


Rotary Blade Trimmer - COMING SOON!

We’re excited to announce that a new Rotary Blade Trimmer is being added to the Kaszazz product range (don't worry - our Fixed Blade Trimmer will be staying on range)!

The Kaszazz Rotary Blade Trimmer is due to arrive soon, and should be available from Kaszazz from Monday May 8 2017!


5630 Paper Trimmer - Rotary Blade 12" $39.95

5647 Paper Trimmer - Replacement Blade Cartridge $9.95

5648 Paper Trimmer - Replacement Mat $5.95

Pre-order your Paper Trimmer - Rotary Blade 12" (RRP $39.95) by 9am (SA time) Monday May 8 2017, using the code 5630, and receive a FREE C-sized stamp (chosen at random by Kaszazz - RRP $9.95)!

You are welcome to add any number of Replacement Blade Cartridges and Replacement Mats to your pre-order.

Orders for these products after 9am (SA time) Monday May 8 2017 will be fulfilled as normal (i.e. without pre-order gifts).


To place your Rotary Blade Trimmer pre-order, choose an option below:

Option 1 (recommended): Enter any of the codes above into the Online Ordering System when placing an existing order. This is the most economical method and will allow you to save on freight and avoid a small order fee. You will then receive your pre-ordered product(s) in your next order received at Kaszazz after the shipment has arrived!

Option 2: Enter any of the codes above into the Online Ordering System ensuring there are no other products in your order. We’ll then hold your order (including any FREEbies) and automatically post it to you when the shipment arrives.

If your order contains anything other than these pre-order codes (i.e. Option 1), we’ll send your additional items out to you and your pre-ordered items will be sent in your next order placed after the shipment arrives at Kaszazz.

PLEASE DO NOT COMBINE PRE-ORDER OFFERS. If you order the paper trimmer and/or accessories and combine them with another pre-order offer (eg. the albums) – your order will be processed as per option 1 and both lots of pre-ordered items will be sent with your next order received after each shipment arrives.


The amount spent on these Rotary Blade Trimmer products will NOT contribute to any customer promotions on offer at the time of your pre-order. It will however, contribute to your hosts gifts credit and any host FREEbies!

If your order contains only the items 5630, 5647 or 5648 any host FREEbies or gifts earned will be held back and sent to you along with the Rotary Blade Trimmer products once they arrive.


Please note - this offer WILL NOT be emailed to the Kaszazz Creative Club (KCC) - what a great opportunity to contact your customers!

The video showcasing the trimmer will be shared on the Kaszazz Facebook page and you can share it with your customers from there.

Published: 4 May 2017