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Event date: 10/06/2020 - 1/07/2020 Export event

See contents of each bundle below;


KSKUNICORN  Unicorn Bundle (RRP $63.60) ONLY $29.95!


  • 5876 3D Embossing Folder - Regency Swirls
  • 7468 Gemini Die - Elements - Silhouette Unicorn
  • 6181M Unicorn Un-Cut Set (7)
  • 5925 Gemini - Papercraft Foil – Cerise



KSKGARDEN  In The Garden Bundle  (RRP $58.60) ONLY $29.95!


  • 5881 3D Embossing Folder - In the Garden
  • 7470 Gemini Die - Elements - Silhouette Rabbit
  • 4881K Sketched Birds Un-Cut Set (3)
  • 5931 Gemini - Papercraft Foil - Rose Gold



KSKTHANK Thank You Bundle (RRP $53.40) ONLY $29.95!


  • 5961 Foil Stamp Die - Expressions - Thank You*
  • 5962 Foil Stamp Die - Expressions - With Love*
  • 5914 Gemini - Multi-Surface Foil - Aurora
  • 5917 Gemini - Multi-Surface Foil - Gold

*Note: These dies are only suitable for the FoilPress machine.



KSKBEAUTY  Beautiful Bundle  (RRP $58.60) ONLY $29.95!


  • 7460 Gemini Die - Expressions - Beautiful
  • 7397 Parisian - Metal Die - Grande Dame
  • 5924 Gemini - Papercraft Foil - Berry
  • 6180M Camellia Wreath


Tip: Did you know that Papercraft Foil can also be used with EPJ35275 Sticky Embossing Powder and 5706 Double Sided Sticker Paper. (Examples shown below)



To take advantage of these specials contact your friendly Kaszazz consultant today.

If you'd like to shop online, ask your consultant if they have their own Web Store, alternatively click here to visit the Kaszazz Web Store.

Bundles are available only whilst allocations last. If we run out of our allocation of special bundles this promotion may end early. We'll make an announcement if this happens.

Don't delay - you must submit your order by 9am SA time on Wednesday July 1, 2020

Promotional (non-purchased) vouchers cannot be used - Promotional Kaszazz vouchers cannot be redeemed on any special limited time products (including any "spend" requirements). Purchased vouchers can be redeemed on all Kaszazz products.

The purchase of these discounted bundles do not count towards any other customer promotion.

Published: 10 June 2020

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