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Stamp and Marker Bundles

Limited Time Special!

Event date: 13/05/2020 - 27/05/2020 Export event

See contents of each bundle below;


KSKBABY Baby Colouring Bundle  (RRP $68.70) ONLY $29.95!


  • 6224M   Special Delivery Un-Cut Set (7)
  • 6219L    Sweet Dreams   
  • Alcohol Ink Art Marker – Random Colour chosen x4




KSKHIPSTE Hipster Colouring Bundle  (RRP $73.70) ONLY $29.95!


  • 6062M   Hipster Guys Un-Cut Set (4)
  • 6061M   Hipster Girls Un-Cut Set (4)              
  • Alcohol Ink Art Marker – Random Colour chosen x4




KSKCHRIST Christmas Colouring Bundle  (RRP $73.65) ONLY $29.95!


  • 6153J     Rocking Horse
  • 6146G    Christmas Bells
  • 6150I      Rudolph
  • Alcohol Ink Art Marker – Random Colour chosen x4




KSKVINTAG Vintage Colouring Bundle   (RRP $77.65) ONLY $29.95!


  • 6324M   Vintage Elements Un-Cut Set (3)
  • 6313G   Vintage Typewriter
  • 4727F    Vintage Books
  • Alcohol Ink Art Marker – Random Colour chosen x4


To take advantage of these specials contact your friendly Kaszazz consultant today.

If you'd like to shop online, ask your consultant if they have their own Web Store, alternatively click here to visit the Kaszazz Web Store.

Bundles are available only whilst allocations last. If we run out of our allocation of special bundles this promotion may end early. We'll make an announcement if this happens. Each bundle will contain unique Alcohol Ink Art Marker colours - if you buy all four bundles you will receive 16 different colours. If you buy multiples of any given bundle you will likely receive the same coloured markers. 

Don't delay - you must submit your order by 9am SA time on Wednesday May 27, 2020

Promotional (non-purchased) vouchers cannot be used - Promotional Kaszazz vouchers cannot be redeemed on any special limited time products (including any "spend" requirements). Purchased vouchers can be redeemed on all Kaszazz products.

The purchase of these discounted bundles do not count towards any other customer promotion.

Published: 13 May 2020

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