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Top Consultant Achievers of 2021

Top Sales of 2021!

Well done and congratulations to our most outstanding consultants of 2021!

Each year we reward the 3 consultants who achieved the highest sales, and the 3 top team builders, in the year just finished.

To qualify for any one of these 6 rewards, your sales balance (see CGM 05) must be at least 24,000 in January. To qualify for any of the 3 top team builder rewards, your team must have achieved at least 12 Up and Away rewards during the year. In the event of a tie for the top team builder, the consultant with the highest sales balance receives the award.

Rewards are EFTPOS vouchers - $250 for third, $500 for second and $1,000 for first!

Top Sales

Our top 3 sales consultants in 2021 were (in order of sales achieved):

Sonya Davies


Pam Kuhn


Julie Storti



 Top Team Builders

Unfortunately no one met the criteria for this reward in 2021.

Annual Sales Perpetual Plaque!

Each year, the consultant who has achieved the highest sales will be presented with the Highest Sales Hall of Fame Perpetual Plaque!

The plaque can then be displayed proudly by the achiever until it is returned to Kaszazz (at the start of the following year, or if they decide to leave Kaszazz).


Sonya will be presented with this beautiful plaque, with her name forever inscribed in the Kaszazz Hall of Fame!

Top 50 Consultant Sales in 2021!

We would like to acknowledge and congratulate all of our consultants from 2021, especially our “Top 50”. Here they are, listed in order of sales achieved:

  • Sonya Davies 
  • Pam Kuhn 
  • Julie Storti 
  • Julie Nankervis 
  • Anne Brewer 
  • Amanda Cordingley 
  • Rosemary Clive 
  • Mary McKell 
  • Sandra Armstrong 
  • Pamela Jones 
  • Lauren Rohde 
  • Alison Ellis 
  • Janene Neale 
  • Carrie Ovenden 
  • Jo Collingwood 
  • Debbie MacKenzie 
  • Lucy Jones 
  • Michelle Smith 
  • Anne Davey 
  • Beryl McLean 
  • Marina Gray 
  • Jo Brosnan 
  • Zena Melville 
  • Barbara Young
  • Kay Considine 
  • Kerry Collins 
  • Kylie Davis 
  • Marie Dalby 
  • Vicki McDowall 
  • Gaylene Butcher 
  • Cheryl Devlin 
  • Sue Nicolai 
  • Viki O'Brien 
  • Sandra Bravin 
  • Lisa Bridgeman 
  • Carolyn Kowski
  • Jenni Secoulidis 
  • Julie Hill 
  • Debbie Ford 
  • Lee-Anne Edwards
  • Rachel Powell 
  • Donna Inns 
  • Barbara Russo 
  • Jacquie Poole 
  • Jan Kotrba 
  • Carol Poole 
  • Pauline Coleman 
  • Juanita Swinbourne 
  • Kerrie Sullivan 
  • Lyn Rowthorne 

Published: 12 January 2022

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