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Will YOU Be Running a January 2019 TTD?

Running a TTD is great fun and is sure to energise your team and build your business. TTDs are easy to run - the program and content will all be prepared for you.

You will qualify to run a January 2019 TTD if you meet the following criteria:

  • Are Team Leader (TL) or above in November 2018;
  • Are Consultant Training Program (CTP) certified in November 2018;
  • Have achieved active status in each of the 4 months August to November 2018.

We will send an email, in early December, to all qualifiers inviting them to run January 2019 TTDs and outlining what is involved. The time from our invitation to your final day for Deposit/Acceptance to run a TTD will be VERY SHORT!

If you are sure that you will be running a TTD, now is the time to start booking your venue! The January 2019 TTD weekend will be Saturday 19th - Sunday 20th 2019.

Reminder to all Consultants, the timeframe to RSVP for January 2019 TTD is very short, you must RSVP to TTD leaders by 13 December 2018 or fees may apply.

Published: 23 November 2018

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