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World Cities Promotion: March-June 2017

Event date: 1/03/2017 - 30/06/2017 Export event

World Cities Promotion: March-June 2017

World Cities Promotion - Come Fly With Us!

We’re excited to announce a consultant promotion fit for consultants with team sizes big and small!

The three “top team builders” between March and June 2017 (inclusive - compared with same period last year) can choose either a world city to explore for 7 days with Peter and Karen (Kaszazz owners and directors), OR a $4,000 travel OR $4,000 pre-loaded EFTPOS card!


  • Explore a world city for 7 days!


  • OR, $4,000 in travel vouchers!


  • OR, a $4,000 EFTPOS voucher!

This promotion is unlike any Kaszazz promotion run in the past. It creates a “level playing field” so that all team leaders participating have the same opportunity of winning whether they currently have a small team or a very big team. This promotion truly rewards our top 3 team builders after accurately allowing for the current size of their team (as of March 2017).

Historical data shows a clear pattern among our most successful growing teams. For larger teams, the team growth percentage is smaller than the team growth percentage for smaller teams. Using this pattern we created a formula to determine a team growth target based on your team's size.


To qualify as one of the three “top team builders”, you must first achieve your own team sales growth target (as determined by a handy calculator we have developed). Team sales above your team sales growth target will contribute towards your “team building score.” The three highest scores will determine our three top team builders!

To qualify for a team building score you’ll also need to achieve a minimum of $4,000 in personal sales between March and June 2017 (inclusive) and be at least a Team Leader (have at least 2 consultants in your level 1 downline) in June 2017.

There has never been a better time to grow your team! Although this first team builders promotion has a qualifying period of 4 months, we will be rewarding our top 3 team builders with the option of a world cities tour or vouchers every 6 months.


Experience has shown that new consultants and consultants with low team sales have been able to grow their team sales at a very high rate. For this reason, new consultants and consultants with team sales less than $12,000 in March to June 2016 will have their growth target set, and team building score calculated, as if they did achieve team sales of $12,000.


If you’d like to participate in this promotion you’ll need to register by Wednesday March 8 2017 by emailing michael.stock@kaszazz.com. You’ll then receive a spreadsheet containing your unique team sales growth target and a special calculator, which you can use to determine your team building score. In registering you are agreeing to a $20 registration fee, which will contribute to the admin cost of this promotion. This registration fee will be added to your next order.

Click here for full terms and conditions (including formulas used).
We encourage you to read the full terms and conditions, and to watch the video below prior to registering.


Published: 1 March 2017