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Having trouble positioning elements? Select the word or shape you’d like to reposition from the top menu then click “Front”. Your word or shape can now be easily repositioned by clicking and dragging it to its new location.

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FREE call 1800 649 191 during business hours and a friendly member of our team will be happy to assist.

Cutting and handling fee waived for plaque orders >= $25

Cutting and handling fee $4.95

Ensure your words and shapes are placed entirely within the view box. Any parts of words or shapes outside the view box will be clipped from your plaque.

Your personalised plaque is displayed as life-like as possible.
Every effort has been made to accurately represent colours and textures however the way colours are displayed can vary from screen to screen.
Our wood is a natural product and there may be minor imperfections and or differences in colour.
Any overlapping elements will be cut in their entirety.

The words and shapes on your plaque will be assembled in exactly the position you have placed them on this web page however in some cases we may need to reposition elements that are partially overlapping or positioned entirely off the plaque. Please take a moment to check you are happy where everything is positioned before finalising your order.

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