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I have met or spoken to my recruiting consultant (or Kaszazz head office if requesting to join direct) and I hereby apply to be appointed as an independent Kaszazz consultant.   
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Minimum Sales Requirement (MSR) Safeguard: Please tick this box if you would like us to automatically place an order for you, for Kaszazz vouchers, if you are in danger of being automatically resigned for not meeting the MSR in each 4-month block (Jan-Apr, May-Aug and Sep-Dec). You will need to advise Kaszazz a current credit card number.
Please email enquiries@kaszazz.com or fax (08) 8244 3102 or FREE call 1800 649 191 with the credit card you wish us to keep on record. To remain protected by the MSR Safeguard service, you will need to update your credit card details whenever they change. We will help by sending you an email reminder if you have not provided any credit card details, or if your card has expired. Please see Consultant Guidelines Manual 14 for full details.
Consultant Fast Find System: The Kaszazz Consultant Fast Find system in the Kaszazz website will show your mobile phone number (or home phone number if you have not provided a mobile number), City/Town and email address to potential new customers who are searching for Kaszazz consultants in your area. A map will also be displayed showing your location. Any potential new customers who contact Kaszazz head office will also be referred to consultants using Consultant Fast Find. You can elect below whether or not to be included in the Consultant Fast Find System, and where you would like to be shown on the map.
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I will collect my joining kit(s) from Kaszazz on the date specified below
(please allow 5 working days from the date you make payment)
Please deliver my kit(s) FREE of charge. 
(Standard Australia Post service paid by Kaszazz - allow 10 working days from the date you make payment)
Please deliver my kit(s) using Kaszazz Express No Fuss Freight (XNFF)
(please allow 5 working days from the date you make payment)
Freight cost: $0
Your Bank Account Details: Your Bank Account Details: Consultant Reward Plan (CRP) payments are made direct into your nominated bank account.

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  View Consultant Guidelines (CGM) View Consultant Training Program (CTP) Download This Agreement
I have read and agree to the Kaszazz Consultant's Agreement above, and understand that this is a legally binding agreement.
I acknowledge that in order to remain a consultant it will be necessary to achieve a minimum level of sales.
I acknowledge that my appointment as a Kaszazz consultant is at the absolute discretion of Kaszazz Pty. Ltd.
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