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Answer: Only Kaszazz consultants will need to login - click on the Consultant Login button at the top right hand corner and enter your Username and Password in the spaces shown. Your Username and Password will originally be provided by Head Office when you join Kaszazz. Once you are logged in you will see your Username at the top right hand side of the menu. You can change your Password once you have logged in.
Answer: To change any of your account details you must first login. Once you have logged in, click on your Username displayed at the top right hand corner of the menu and your Account Details screen will be displayed. You can change/update your details at this point. Don't forget to click 'update' to save your changes.
Answer: The Consultant Login screen has a password reminder button - just enter your Username and hit the reminder button - your details will be sent to your email address.
Answer: No Worries. Just send Kaszazz an email (enquiries@kaszazz.com) advising your details and you will get a reply within one working day with the correct info.
Answer: When you first join Kaszazz your account will be created by Head Office. To access the consultant areas you need to login using the Username and Password supplied in your joining information. We recommend that you change your password to something that you will easily remember when you first login. Once logged in, look for the "My Kaszazz" menu item and all of the consultant's only pages within.

Detailed Information

The Kaszazz website uses a navigation menu at the top of each page. The main tabs are often pages in their own right as well as providing access to other pages below them.

If you click on a menu tab you will go to that page. If you hold your mouse over a menu tab and it has a sub-menu it will be displayed and then you can select a sub-menu tab and so on.

Not all parent tabs have their own pages - if you click on a tab and nothing happens then that tab has no page of its own and it is there just to support the tabs below it.